2. Are You The Right Customer?

When we started Window Universe many years ago we needed every single order we could get our hands on.  We weren’t some well financed tech startup that could blow though millions without turning a profit.  We were honest hardworking people looking to strike out on our own to build a great company and we had bills to pay.

For years we took every order we could get even when the projects were pretty challenging or when the customers were not very friendly.  Luckily, we’ve grown and we’ve learned a lot over the years.

After years of dealing with all of the challenges associated with growing a business, opening new locations, hiring (and firing) team members, dealing with problems left and right, we finally learned one important lesson.  We can’t be all things to all people.  At least we can’t do it easily and we like easy around here.

So, we’ve come up with a set of traits that define a Window Universe Express customer.  If you fall outside of this description don’t worry, you’re still a wonderful person, but you might not be the right person for this program.

  • A Window Universe Express customer is looking to order top quality vinyl replacement windows and sliding doors.  We’re not currently offering hinged doors, roofing, siding or anything else through this program.  We can easily coordinate with other trades if you’re having more work done around the house, but we’re not a jack of all trades.  We’re really good at windows and sliding doors.
  • A Window Universe Express customer understands that value is different from price.  We’ve made the decision to offer top quality products and expert service at a great price.  Could our prices be lower if we used cheaper windows or hired random subcontractors to do the work?  Yes, but we won’t do it.  Other companies that are paying for typical sales and marketing costs will charge 40%+ more than we do for the same level of quality.  If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest thing you can get your hands on we’re not the right company.  If you want the absolute best value around, we’re it hands down.
  • A Window Universe Express customer is looking to hire experts to get the job done right.  Through this program you’ll get professional installation from the manufacturer to make sure things are done just right.  If you’re going to tell us that you’re a super carpenter and everything the installers do is less wonderful than you would do if you had done it yourself then you might want to install the windows yourself.  We certainly offer that as an option.  We can even setup job site delivery.
  • Last but not least, a Window Universe Express customer understands that if a service call is necessary we’ll get it handled for you.  We recently had a customer who sent a very long upset email after the project was completed because she didn’t like the way the exterior trim looked.  We reviewed the pictures with the installation manager, agreed that it could look better and then tried to schedule a time to fix it up.  The customer sent more angry emails and didn’t want to solve the problem.  We can’t promise that there will never be a concern or an issue with a project, but we can promise we’ll always address it.  We hope that’s reasonable and that you understand we need to work together to solve any issue.

That’s it, we think those four points illustrate the type of customer we see as a great fit for our business.  Initially I hesitated to even write this page as I thought it might be taken the wrong way.  I was talking about it with a friend of mine who is a in a completely different business.  He said if a customer takes that the wrong way they were likely not the right customer in the first place.  I think that may be true.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out or post a comment here.  We’re always available to help and we’ll always be happy to answer questions or clarify anything.

For the next step, learn about who we are so you can decide if we’re the kind of folks you want to work with.