5. Who Measures and Installs?

While we do offer windows without installation for the DIY crowd, the majority of our customers order their windows with professional installation.

In many cities across the country we offer professional installation from the window manufacturer’s installation department.  They offer professional measuring and installation on a wholesale basis to their dealers.  Many of their dealers are less than honest with you about who will be doing the work.  We’re clear as a bell.

You see many of their dealers will tell you that they have the best installers around, that nobody could possibly be as good as their installers, that their installers are so great they train other installers, and on and on and on.  In reality many of these companies will take your order and hand it over to the manufacturer’s installation department and you’ll never know the difference.

This isn’t the end of the world as you still get great results, but it’s not very honest and that’s not the way we operate.

When you order windows from us we take your order and we hand it over to the manufacturers installation department.  They have a full-time salaried installation manager there in your town and he or she will be in charge of getting your project completed.

They’ll call you to schedule the measurements, they take 100% responsibility for the accuracy of the measurements and once the windows arrive they’ll give you a ring to schedule the installation.

Why is this a great way to order new windows?

Great question!  This is a great way to order new windows because you get one company in charge of designing the windows, measuring the windows, manufacturing the windows and installing the windows.

Who do I call if there is a problem?

Another great question, you call the manufacturer.  You’ll have the contact info for the installation manager and he’ll be the guy to get your issue fixed up.  Of course as one of their largest dealers in the country we’re always here to help as well.  As you might expect we have a lot of pull with them so if you need help with anything we’re always here for you.

So who is involved in this transaction?

There are 3 parties involved here.  You, us and the window manufacturer.  They only sell windows on a wholesale basis through their network of dealers all over the country.  We’re one of their largest dealers and we’re always here to help.

When you place the order with us we send it to them and they handle the measuring and installation.  It’s the absolute best way to get great new windows.

Why is this better than ordering from the independent guy your neighbor worked with?  Find out right here.