4. Which Windows Are Available?

Through this program we offer seven window models from two brands.  They’re all custom made just for you with 130 energy efficient glass options, 78 color combinations and an endless number of sizes and styles.

The brands we work with are Alside and Revere Building Products.  Both of these companies are owned by the same parent company, Associated Materials, in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  The windows are made in America in five plants across the country.

Associated Materials, Inc or AMI has been in the building products business since 1947.  They’re a $1 billion business, they operate 11 manufacturing facilities and over 100 company owned distribution centers across the country. In addition to the brands we carry they also produce Alpine new construction windows, Gentek windows in Canada, Preservation windows, and UltraGuard fencing along with complete lines of vinyl siding and metal products.

The size and scale of the manufacturer is very important to you as the homeowner.  There are many small window manufactures out there with great brochures and skilled salespeople.  Unfortunately these smaller manufacturers can come and go leaving their customers with warranties that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

For an example of the difficulty some folks have experienced read the comments on this page.  You can see the difficulty some people who purchased Gorell windows are having now.  Gorell was widely praised online just a few years ago.  Now they’re bankrupt and all of their customers are out of luck.  You don’t want to buy from the next Gorell.

A large manufacturer like Alside or Revere offers a great value to the customer.  For example, Alside invented aluminum siding back in 1947.  They offered a 50-year warranty back then and they’ve been around long enough to honor that entire warranty.  There aren’t many companies in this industry who have stood behind their work for that length of time.

You may have never heard of either Alside or Revere.  The reason is that neither company does any nationwide marketing.  Instead they spend their money designing and manufacturing great products.  They rely on their dealers to get the word out and that’s what we’re doing right here.  The manufacturers you may have heard of spend millions to put their name at the top of your mind.  That money must come from somewhere.  With windows from Alside and Revere you get top quality products without paying for nationwide marketing.

We know you want this to be easy so we’re not going to throw 500 options at you.  We’ll typically make a few suggestions and go from there, but we want you to know there are options for days.  If you’re trying to achieve a specific rating or if you’re looking for a certain option just let us know and we’ll make sure we get you what you need.

If you’re the type to focus on ratings we can get you any info you’d like.  For example these windows are available with U-Factors as low as 0.15, air infiltration rates as low as 0.01, DP ratings as high as 70 and condensation resistance ratings as high as 76.  The possibilities are almost endless.

For most people we recommend options that are Energy Star qualified for your specific climate zone.  People in Maine need different windows than people in Arizona.  We look to balance efficiency with cost as we know most people want an option that makes sense for their area without breaking the bank.  We get it and we have options that can easily achieve that goal.

The question you might be asking next is who will measure and install your new windows?  Luckily we have the answer right here.