6. Why is This a Better Option?

Because it’s MUCH more stable.  There are thousands of great window installers all over the country.  Your neighbor and your sister might be happy to tell you all about the guy they worked with and how wonderful he was.  We don’t doubt it.

The difference is that if he were to retire or get sick or decide to sail to the Bahamas you’ll be out of luck.

Our program is with the window manufacturer and that makes all the difference.  They’re a $1 billion dollar company that has been in business since 1947.  They have thousands of employees in hundreds of company owned manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the country.  If one guy quits or retires tomorrow it won’t make a bit of difference.  You’ll still have your complete warranty and you’ll still have a team of qualified people standing by to help.

This option is like taking your car to the dealer for service.  They work on that type of car all day, they have the resources of the manufacturer and they can solve just about any problem without standing around scratching their heads.

The downside of taking your car to the dealer for service is that it’s typically more expensive than the local mechanic.  We would be more expensive too if we operated a traditional window business.

Luckily for you we don’t.  We’ve cut out the sales process to bring down our prices meaning we typically have the same price as the independent guy, but the benefits of the manufacturer.  It’s a win for everyone.

Putting the window in the opening is less than half the battle. Many people can put in a window well.  There are many more factors that go into a successful project.  This option gives you the quality service, the professionalism and the stability that a local independent company just can’t offer.  It doesn’t mean the independent guy isn’t a great person.  It does mean this is a better option.

Do we offer windows in your town?  I hope so!  Find out right here.